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・我們的宗旨 Our Concept


本中心是一所提供專業教育的學習中心,多元化的課程適合3至12歳的學生。我們不但為學生提供機會以互動和有效的方法去學習,而且還全方位地協助學生發展不同技能。 我們相信「知識和教育能夠改變生命」,我們相信在我們的耐心和專業教導下,透過不同教材配合竅門的方法,學生能夠輕易地明白深奧的知識。 另外,我們不斷搜羅不同高質素的英語繪本和美術用品,包括Eric Carle的動物繪本、Dr.Seuss系列等等。小朋友除了吸收知識之外,更應多元化發展珍貴的天賦,故此,爸爸媽媽們可多與子女們創作一番,既能夠增進彼此關係,又能夠培養子女性情。



Well-Rounded Education is the professional education center which offers variety of courses for the kids or children from the age of 3 to 12. Our goal is to provide the chance for children not only can learn in an active and effective way, but also to develop as a well-rounded students. "Life can be changed by the education"- that is our will. We believe that our students are the best throughout all the time under our great patience and professional teaching. Teaching with numerous materials and ingenious skill, we believe that we can enlighten your children.​Furthermore, we have kept searching for the English children's books and art supplies which are in high-quality. Apart from learning existed knowledge, children's talents should be developed as well. Therefore, art jamming is suggested for parents, it can not only develop a good relationship, but also cultivate the children's mind.

To fulfill our promises, we provide the best services and goods for all the members in different districts. We wish all of the children have a blissful learning stage and bight furture!​

・我們的價值觀 Our Value



Times changes constantly, we nature our next generations and pillars of the future with care, professional knowledge and love. Our responsibility and mission is to prepare children to deal with the challenges of technology and information era so they can strike the balance between the traditional thinking and innovative technology.

・我們的原則 Our Mission


It is always known that "knowledge changes one's life". The future of the children highly depends on their learning attitude. In order to maintain the good learning habits, we wish all of our students can develop the habits of reading and doing revision daily. It is also believed that every rocks must be carved to be a unique and valuable gems. Therefore, we do not only cherish every gems , but also take really good care of them. One of our hopes is the students we know would be the bright and valuable pearl someday in the future.

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